A tournament to benefit the Little Yellow School House, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Tournament Rules

(Click here for the rules in Spanish)

  1. This is a Sailfish release tournament including the heaviest Dorado, Wahoo, Tuna and King Mackerel.
  2. (a) Sailfish. There are three categories (1) boat (2) angler (3) junior angler (age 16 or under). There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophy for the boat and angler category and a single 1st place trophy for the junior angler category. Any fish caught in the angler or junior angler category will also count in the boat category. Fish caught by passing the rod (boat category rules) will only count in the boat category.
    (b) Heaviest Dorado, Wahoo, Tuna, King Mackerel. This is a boat award for the heaviest catch in each species
  3. Angling Category: The angling category requires all fish to be caught under IGFA equipment and IGFA rules.
  4. Boat Category: IGFA rules and equipment apply to the boat category with the exception that fish may be hooked and passed to an angler. Or, the mate may hook and catch the fish for the boat.
  5. The following are not permitted: kites, nets, backing into schools, pitching bait, more than one hook per bait, use of hooks in teasers, spinning tackle, or one fish hooked by more than one line.
  6. Fishing is two out of four days. A boat must declare its lay day to the committee boat, or by email to johnravalon@gmail.com or phone/text to 001-610-639-8111 before 8:00AM of that day. Notifying the committee the night before is permitted to Anthony at the Bally Hoo restaraunt. Failure to report your lay day prior to 8:00AM will be considered a fish day for the boat.
  7. Tournament boundaries are 50 nautical miles from the Isla Mujeres rock light or the tip of Isla Mujeres at Punta Sur.
  8. There are no limits on the number of lines and teasers used.
  9. Fishing begins at 8:00AM. No lines, teasers or bait of any kind may be put into the water until the starting time is announced by a committee boat or 8:00AM each fishing day.
  10. Fishing ends each day at 3:30PM. Any fish hooked prior to the deadline may be played until released or caught, provided that said fish is reported to another boat as “hooked up”. Each fish hooked after 3:15PM must be reported to and confirmed by the radio operator. Each fish reported may be fought until released or caught. Any fish hooked after 3:30PM is ineligible. Lines may be put back in the water after the 3:30 end of tournament fishing.
  11. SCORING… This is a single circle hook tournament. Only fish released or caught on single-circle hooks will be counted for scoring. The circle hooks must not have any offset. Sailfish will count as a single release; blue or white marlin will count as two releases.Ties will be broken on time – the boat or angler reaching the tie score first will be the winner. The numeric day of fishing for the boat or anglers in question will be used to break said tie. The following must be reported to the committee boat: Boat name as well as the angler’s name. The time will be the time recorded by the radio operator when reported as released. As radio communication may be limited this information must be recorded in full on the “Daily Catch Reports” provided in the Captain’s bag. All daily catch reports must be signed by the captain and must be turned in by 7:00PM of the day fished to Anthony Mendillo at the KinM at Henriques dock or to John Raimondo at Villa Vera.BOAT AWARD FOR HEAVIEST CATCH
    1. Dorado
    2. Wahoo
    3. Tuna
    4. King MackerelThere is no official weigh station.

    Weight for each of these species will be determined by the committee by formula. The boat must record the length and girth of each qualifying species caught by measuring:

    1. The “fork length” in inches, this is the length from the lower jaw to the beginning of the fork in its tail and…
    2. The girth at the widest part of the fish.

    These two numbers must be recorded on the “Daily Catch Report” provided in the Captain’s bag and turned in by 7:00PM of the day fished at the tournament table, the committee will estimate the weight by formula.

    The formula is: girth x girth x length ÷ by 800 = weight in lbs.

    Example… If the fish’s girth is 22” and its length is 50” the formula would be used as

    22 x 22 x 50 = 24,200 ÷ 800 = 30.25 lbs
    The “.25” or 25/100 is converted to ounces by multiplying by 16
    .25 X 16 = 4 ounces

    This fish weighs an estimated 30 lbs, 4 ounces.

  12. All protests must be put in writing and include the boat and registered angler(s) name(s) and local phone number. It must contain a detailed description of the protested matter and include any supporting evidence available. It must be signed by the protesting angler or crew member and delivered to the tournament director John Raimondo as soon as possible from the time the protested action occurred.